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DVD Tributes

Frazer's Funeral Home Now Offers DVD Video Tributes.

What is a DVD Video Tribute?
Your collection of 30 treasured family photos placed on a DVD. You decide the photo sequence of the pictures. We edit the photos and blend with music, to create a keepsake for family and friends.

Why should we consider a DVD Video Tribute?
DVD video tributes become the centerpiece of your loved one’s celebration of life. This one-of-a-kind memorial video tribute will act as a memory safe for your most cherished photos and can be enjoyed at home.

When is the DVD Video Tribute shared?
Your photos will be viewed during the visitation service on a 42 inch flat screen television in the stateroom. Your video tribute will be presented on 12 feet tall by 10 feet wide projection screen at the beginning of your loved one’s funeral service. Your photos will bring back memories for family and friends to reminisce.

How soon do we need to provide the photos to Frazer's Funeral Home?
Your 30 photos that will be used for the DVD video tribute need to be made available to the funeral home staff at least 24 hours before the funeral service.

Does the funeral home staff need the original photos?
No, you may provide the saved photos on a disc or on a removable drive. However, the staff of Frazerís Funeral Home does prefer the original photos for quality purposes.

Can we e-mail our photos for the DVD Video Tribute to Frazer's Funeral Home?
Yes, you may e-mail the 30 photos in png or jpg format to frazerfuneralhome@gmail.com To ensure quality, please try to send high resolution photos.

How much does it cost to purchase the DVD Video Tribute of our loved one?
For the DVD Video Tribute editing, production, equipment, and presentation, a price of $195.00 will be added to your statement. This includes 1 original DVD Video Tribute.

Can we purchase additional copies of the DVD Video Tribute?
Yes, additional DVD Video Tributes are available for purchase at $10 each at anytime, even after the funeral service. Shipping can be arranged too.

More Information
The producer of the DVD Video Tributes will be available to answer any questions and to assist with the personalization of your loved one’s DVD Video Tribute. You are responsible for the photo sequence of the pictures. Frazer’s Funeral Home is responsible for all technical aspects of the production.


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